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“When you get to sixth form you think, ‘Right, what do you want to do with your life?’ And you think, ‘Ooh, I don’t know, marine biology?’ – and all those sorts of things. But it came down to – I think it must have been a careers meeting or something – and I just went, I wouldn’t mind being an actor.”

Sex: A Journey of Love

"Dude it’s Beacon Hills"
— AKA y’all mother fuckers are shit ass secret keepers. Are you serious man. You’ve been bleeding in front of me an inviting me to your weird ass parties and dying all the damn time. No normal teenagers take this much time off school. I hope you realize my best friend was fucking Jackson. Have you met Jackson? Jackson is a subtle as a train wreck on a fucking boat. He turned into a lizard and y’all thought “oh man Danny won’t notice” WHAT DID YOU THINM HAPPENED WHEN I HELPED RECOVER THE FOOTAGE YA DIP SHITS. Do you know who my closest girl friend is? Lydia fucking Martin. Did you think I wouldn’t notice her going crazy? Fuckin Stiles invited me over to his house and was like “this is my cousin Miguel” are you shitting me I realize that this is Derek Hale I watch the news. God fucking dammit guys. (via fuckyeahstydia)


Do you ever hear someone’s voice and kinda wanna fuck it

You would have done quite a bit for him. Followed him into any battle.


What’s your most embarrassing moment making a movie? { x }